The Simple Ask

Email upselling does the same thing—it encourages consumers who have already purchased a product or taken an action to upgrade or buy additional material or take an additional action.

When timed correctly, it meets the needs of the buyer when trust is highest, and when the instinct to say yes is at it's peak.

And the great thing is, upselling isn't limited to any one industry. It works everywhere.

Every industry has, or should have, some additional purchasable item. If you sell a smartphone, the case, headphones, screen protectors, and many other things are obvious next purchases. If you don't offer them, someone else will. And the best time to offer them, is right after, or during, the purchase process.

If someone buys an item from your website, sending them emails offering products that will make their purchase better, easier, or save them time can drastically increase revenue.


Cross-selling is when consumers are made aware of other similar products. At a restaurant, this would be the sign posted on the front door saying they offer catering as well.

Cross-selling targets consumers who have already purchased from you, and shows them other ways you can meet their needs. They already trust you enough to buy from you, and if the experience is a good one, they will be more inclined to explore the other ways you can meet their needs.

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Using Email Marketing to Upsell

An advantage to email marketing is that you already have the trust of the consumer. The consumer had to opt-in to the email list, whether by making a purchase or by completing an action on your website. Even though a relationship is already established between your company and your consumer, it's important to be subtle. People don't want to feel like they are being sold to, even if you are offering them something they need or have already expressed interest in.

They Bought you once...are you giving them
the opportunity to buy you again?